Sunday, June 30, 2019

Index for this Blog

I am putting this up as a guide to this site. I will try to keep it updated to the end. I figure I have 1-2 months before the cancer gets me.

Chapter layout

Genesis 1 God’s image, Soul, Days of Proclamation, Quantum Soul,

Genesis 2  Rivers of Eden Strange hydrology of Eden , Creation of Man, Eden and the Flood , Adam, Genetics , Brain size, Brain size 2, religion, Atmospheric model of Desiccated Mediterranean, teaching Adam to speak, Wildlife of Eden, The Anti-evolution Views of Theistic Evolutionists

Genesis 3 Curse1, Curse 2, Curse 3

Genesis 4 Technology of Eden, Cain and Abel Tech pt 1, Tents & Music Tech pt 2, Tubalcain Tech pt 3

Genesis 5 Genealogies

Genesis 6-9 Flood Rainbow, Rivers, Eden and the Flood, Was Noah a Farmer?

Genesis 10 Genealogies

Genesis 11 Babel

Genesis 12

Genesis 13 Pillar of Salt

Genesis 41 Joseph’s Palace

Numbers Bad numbers

Job 41 Leviathan


Does faith exclude observational evidence1

Does faith exclude observational evidence 2

How God controls evolution

Why Historicity is important

The Power of Knowing the Bible is True.

Divine Inspiration

What if My Theology is Wrong?

Sad State of Apologetics

Stupid Atheist Arguments 1

Stupid Atheist arguments 2

Problem of Evil

Hawking and Nature of Mankind

Acidity of Christian Liberalism

Personal Stories

My Story

Turkish Translator experience

Where is God in the Pandemic?

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  1. Hello. Perhaps I am just missing it, but can you please tell me if there is a link to your dad’s (layman) paper on how quantum physics data points away from materialism, and points towards dualism? Thank you. I’m sorry to to hear about your dad’s passing :(