Friday, August 7, 2020

Glenn Morton (1950-2020)

Glenn's son, David here. 

It is with sadness on our part, but joy for his part, that I share with you that my father, Glenn Morton, passed away, peacefully, this past Wednesday, August 5, 2020. 

Dad loved his blog, and posted on it regularly. Even more than the blog, he loved the subject matter. Dad pursued truth throughout his entire life, and was not willing to settle for anything but truth. He led myself and my brothers to the Truth, Jesus, when we were all young, and we continue to proclaim Christ today. 

Dad was full of wonder. His office filled with fossils, oil business awards, and trinkets from his many travels across the globe. He never let the world diminish his wonder for the natural world and his interest in people never waned, but only increased, as did his faith, throughout his 70 years here on this rock. 

We're finding that he has impacted more people than we were ever aware of. He was always humble about the work he did in the intellectual spaces he worked in. He was, as one relative has commented, "intelligence personified".  He would read whole scientific tomes in an afternoon. 

He was not only a migrant mind, but he was also a brilliant mind, and a loving mind as well.  

Thank you for being a part of his journey. 


PS, For those of you who choose to make the journey, his funeral will be in College Station, TX at 2:00 PM at Grace Bible Church, Creekside Campus. Dress is casual. If you cannot make it, but would like to watch it, it will be viewable on Hillier Funeral Home's website in the 3 months following the service. 

Saturday, August 1, 2020

The Book is Complete!

Hello, this is Glenn's son Matt. Yesterday afternoon Dad finished and completed the book he's been working on for so long. He cannot get to the computer to post this right now, so I'm posting it for him. Dad has worked on solving these problems of the historicity of the Bible for 50 years. This book was the final piece of the puzzle for him: where was the historical Eden, and how does it fit with the scientific data? I'm attaching the link below. The Kindle version is $4.99, and the paperback is $31.99 (250 pages in full color). I know it would mean a lot to Dad if you would consider reading it and sending your thoughts.