Sunday, June 30, 2019

My previous publications for free

If anyone has problems with downloading these leave a comment and I will figure it out.

Occasionally people ask for copies of my old books. While I would love to update them with new support for the ideas contained in them, there isn't much in them which I still don't support.  These books have withstood 20 years plus of the advancement of science.  There are arguments today that are better than the ones in the books, and most of them can be found on this blog, but the old arguments for the positions I took are still valid.  Anyway, my book on the flood, Foundation, Fall and Flood can be found here.

My book on how fossil man fits into everything, Adam, Apes and Anthropology, can be found here.

I also published and sold 6 Pathway Papers. Each covers a topic.  Both the books and the Pathway Papers should be considered only as how I got to my present views.  The views on this blog are being written within months of my death and I have found so much more than is in either the Pathway Papers or in my books.  My final set of views should be considered this blog.

Pathway Paper #1 Genesis 1: A Historical and Scientific Reading
Pathway Paper #2 The Invisible Pink Unicorn: Why Atheism is Intellectually Unsatisfying
Pathway Paper #3 Paley's Stone: The Universe Designed for Man
Pathway Paper #4 The Origin of Language
Pathway Paper #5 Who was Adam?
Pathway Paper #6 The Age of the Earth: A Theogeological Perspective

It irritates me that some sites are selling my books when I put them into open domain around 2010 or so, with explicit requirement that no one sell them for their profit.  Why should they profit when I get nothing.  I get nothing for the above either, and you get the books free, hopefully undermining those sellers. 

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