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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Urban Heat Island in Pictures part 3

We have been examining the claim by the IPCC that the urban heat island effect is only about .06 degrees for 100 years as stated at source

This absolute utterly crazy claim is essential for the hysteriacs to maintain the fiction that the world is warming, not just the cities surrounding the thermometers. Tonight we will look at Toronto, Canada first.

The green is less than 23 deg C and the purple is above 30 deg C, a temperature spread of more than 7 deg C on this thermograph of Toronto. Yet the climatologists claim

“Studies that have looked at hemispheric and global scales conclude that any urban-related trend is an order of magnitude smaller than decadal and longer time-scale trends evident in the series (e.g., Jones et al., 1990; Peterson et al., 1999). This result could partly be attributed to the omission from the gridded data set of a small number of sites (<1%) with clear urban-related warming trends. ” “Climate Change 2007: Working Group I: The Physical Science Basis” IPCC Fourth Assessment Report: Climate Change 2007

Small number of sites with urban warming? What a laugh that is. Every city I have shown you has at least a 6 deg C temperature rise for the urban heat island effect. and tomorrow I will show the work of a guy who proved that even small towns have urban heat island effects, small though they are.

What about Providence, Rhode Island? It has quite an urban heat island effect. Below shows that the green is about 25 deg C and the purple is 40 deg C. This is a 15 deg C range.

See that area I have circled. The original blogger, Ed Caryl, who pointed this out, notes that the temperature for Providence is in that purple area. It is the airport, with 1300 deg jet engines heating the area. Yes, the hysteriacs know where to place the thermometers to make the world appear as if it is warming. If they were true scientists, they would actually think about how to get data NOT subject to the criticism Caryl made.

You can see the siting of the thermometer at the hottest place in Providence at this site. You can see that it is 15 deg C hotter than the surrounding countryside, and you are told to believe that it makes no difference. I have a bridge to sell you.

Lets finish up tonight with Washington D.C.

This map is in Fahrenheit. There is a 35 deg spread of temperatures from the rural to the hottest parts of the urban landscape here. THIRTY-FIVE DEGREES, and Jim Hansen says the urban heat island effect needs only a 0.3 deg C (~0.6 deg F) correction, and the IPCC says one needs only a 0.06 deg C correction. And you, Mr. Global Warming Hysteriac are foolish enough to believe them. You have no skepticism at all.