Monday, January 17, 2011

The Beat of Water Vapor

I have been so busy with a tech start up that I run that this blog has had to suffer. This is going to be short but the first picture attached shows the total precipitable water vapor in the atmosphere over time. The source is referenced in the first picture.

Above that I have taken the UAH satellite temperature, and put it just above the water vapor. You can see the wonderful correlation with satellite temperature, only the temperature is delayed a few months from when the water vapor content of the atmosphere rises.

The second picture,

The picture below adds one more curve to the display, the CO2 curve You can clearly see that the satellite temperature marches to the beat of water vapor and doesn't match the CO2 curve. CO2 doesn't go up and down with the temperature. It is water vapor that drives the climate, not CO2.

Climate hysteriacs are simply ignoring data like this.


  1. Good information but, do we know that the changes in water vapor preceded (not followed) the changes in temperature?


  2. Look at the chart above. The black curve in the lower picture goes up in 1997 prior to the blue curve in the middle picture which rises about the start of 1998.

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  4. Temperature drives water vapor and co2 drives temperature. Indirectly co2 drives the level of water over longer time. Co2 has the mechanism to make the earth warmer.

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