Wednesday, April 21, 2010

An Odd Solar Cycle

One of the things that is clear from most climatical research--when sunspots are rare, the earth cools. I know, I know some hysteriacs try to say the sun has little impact on the earth's climate. History simply doesn't support them. The period called the Little Ice Age, which was the last time glaciers advanc ed and actually over ran towns which had been inhabited from the beginning of history, was a period of time also known as the Maunder Minimum-- a period when there were almost no sunspots.

The mother of all spotless runs was of course the Maunder Minimum. This was a period from October 15, 1661 to August 2, 1671.
It totaled 3579 consecutive spotless days. That puts our current run at 17.5% of that of the Maunder Minimum.

By the standard of spotless days, the ongoing solar minimum is the deepest in a century: NASA report. In 2008, no sunspots were observed on 266 of the year’s 366 days (73%). To find a year with more blank suns, you have to go all the way back to 1913, which had 311 spotless days (85%):

It was about the Little Ice Age/Maunder Minimum that this was said:

"Villages built in what had been considered safe places were overwhelmed by glaciers in the early 17th century. Several of these villages are still ice-covered today."~G. H. Denton and S. C. Porter, "Neoglaciation", Scientific American, June 1970, p. 102

Anyone who has looked out side over the past couple of years, should know that the weather has been cooler than the global warming hysteriacs would have us believe. I believe that it is because we have had few sunspots over the past few years. During each solar minimum the sun often has no sunspots. Plots of the spotless days show that this solar minimum has been exceptionally low in solar activity. Below is a chart showing a comparision of the number of spotless days per month for the last few solar cycles. Each curve starts the month before the first spotless day. The blue curve, which is the current cycle, is clearly anomalous among the previous few sunspot cycles.


  1. This is very bad news for those living in the North East. The current cold phase of the Pacific cycle and on coming La Nina and this very abnormal number of spotless days could mean more brutal winters like the one we just experienced. World wide global cooling has already started and as in the movie title, "The Great Global Warming Swindle" is becoming ever more evident. Al Gore may not get his billion dollar pay out from his Cap and Tax trading scam. I already sold a place in Queens NY last year and replaced it with a larger, cheaper one in Scottsdale AZ. As a holder of an Advanced Class Amateur Radio Licence and a Masters in Natural sciences, I was familiar enough with this topic to flee what I accurately predicted would be a brutal winter in New York. Soon enough, the rapid global cooling resulting from these factors will be recognized as a world wide catastrophe. With coming food shortages it is time to stop our disastrous open border policies and the invasion by irresponsible people breeding far more children than they can possibly support. Americans should remember, charity starts at home and as in the past, we can cut our lawns and trim our own shrubs. The current leaders in the District of Corruption are multi millionaires and billionaires (ex. Obama made $9 million last year). Crop destroying global cooling is a far bigger threat than the Climate Change hoax ever was. Our so called leaders ignore this peril because they can abandon us peasants to out fates as the fly off to Tahiti in their Gulf Stream 5's.

  2. This is interesting because I think that that Ice Age is getting back, because of all things we're doing to the earth, I think we have to be careful with that.m10m

  3. Well is not new that the global warming is affecting our life style in many parts of the world the questions is what are we doing to revert this situation.

  4. Its interesting post, global warming is increased with the passage of time and we are not going for the solution, just spreading the news.