Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Global Warming = More Snow Cover?

Yessirreeee, step right up. You too can believe that pigs can fly and shat don't stink. Global warming, if it continues unabated, will cover our planet with snow in the winters. Beleive that because the government tells you it is so. Those thousands of scientists who tell us about the dangers of global warming also tell us that northern hemisphere snow cover has been increasing over the past few years.

Below is the claimed rise in global temperature since 1880. Looking at this searingly hot chart, which shows an incredible amount of warming this century, one would expect that snow cover would be declining. Such is not the case.

Below is the October snow cover anomaly from 1967 to 2009. the snow cover increases from 1987 to the present, yet the temperature rises. Do the climatologists expect us mere peasants not to notice this little fact?

But what about October's temperature anomaly from 1967 on. Does it correlate with the snow cover? No.

It is really interesting that when global warming was supposed to be accelerating, starting in 1980, that the snow cover was in general, consistent with the belief that the world was warming. Snow cover anomalies were below the previous period. But then, after 1994, in general, each October has seen above normal snow cover, all the while that the globe is supposedly rising to hotter and hotter temperatures and the CO2 levels (gasp) were rising as well. Clearly the only logical conclusion is that snow has a different melting point today than it did in the past because that is the only rational way to explain how the globe can get hotter and yet be covered by more snow. A friend suggested I call it HOT SNOW.

November's history shows no real trend in snow cover from 1967-2009.

And November's global temperature anomaly? it is inconsistent with what you see above in the snow cover.

One thing to note. Post-1990 the November snow cover has generally been above the average line, and that is inconsistent with the temperature graph shown above. Given the excessive heat the climatologists claim for the earth, it is surprising that snow cover has increased from 1980 to the present.

Now in December, the trend for more snow cover as the world warms continues after that brief November interlude.

Here is how the climatologists say December has warmed. Note how different this curve is.

Amazingly as the climatologists have proclaimed that the world is warming as evidenced by the NASA graph above, the December snow cover has been above normal for all but 4 years since 1989! That is a lot of snow given such an extremely warm world they claim.

What about January? Well, once again the climate hysteriacs would want us not to pay attention to the data. They want you to believe them, not the data. January shows a strong increase in snow cover over the past few years.

And January's global temperature anomaly

A glance again at the temperature curve above would not lead one to expect such an increase in snow cover from the hot world we live in. Yet the climatologists think we are too stupid to notice this issue.

What about February? Below are the two relevant charts, snowcover then temperature.

Clearly one would not expect the snow cover to rise over the years just as the snow cover also rises. Clearly something is wrong with what the global warming hysteriacs are telling us.

And of course, there is today comes a report that the Arctic ice cover is back to normal levels--even though there is more CO2 in the atmosphere today than in 2001 when we were at this level of ice cover the last time. Ice and snow don't seem to recognize that the world is getting warmer.

The snow cover pictures can be found on the respective pages for the requisite month at source

The monthly temperature anomalies are retrived from source


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  2. This makes perfect sense because warmer temperatures allow more water vapor to be trapped in the atmosphere. This is called relative humidity. As the atmosphere becomes warmer it also becomes more humid, thus creating more snow and rain as a result.

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