Thursday, February 25, 2010

Worldwide Inability to measure temperature

I had a friend, who is a follower of this blog, who dismissed my examples of strong temperature differences between towns merely 20 miles apart as a US anomaly. He made the dismissive comment that the US constitutes a tiny percentage of the world's surface area. I had shown him data like that shown above from the US. While his assessment of the area of the US is absolutely true, he, an AGW advocate (whose confidence is being shaken a bit), didn't actually go look at any data from other countries. He assumed that I had no more studies than those done in the US. Below are temperature comparisions between nearby towns in China and in the UK. Note that the problems I have presented for US cities is also present in other areas of the world.

In the China examples, I either have both stations plotted together or I have subtracted one from the other. Notice that some of the ANNUAL AVERAGE temperature differences are as much as 10 deg Centigrade.

Temperatures for the UK show the same problem as for the US and China.

The problems of measuring temperature are the same around the world.

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