Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2009 annual report before Dec 2009 report done

For those who look quickly you will see that NOAA has put out the ANNUAL 2009 report on the state of the climate before they did the December 2009 report.

They say:
"NOAA scientists project 2009 will be one of the 10 warmest years of the global surface temperature record, and likely finish as the fourth, fifth or sixth warmest year on record. "

This is like the Queen in Alice who said, "Verdict first; trial later." Given the above quotation, one has to wonder if the climatologists look outside to see that the world is freezing. We had 3000 US low temperature records broken in July. New England barely had a summer this year. We had the 3rd coldest October on record. December is said to be among the coldest in many places in the world, yet, amazingly, 2009 is going to again be up in the hottest on record. How stupid do they think we are?

The picture above shows the drop down list showing that December isn't there yet and the page I am showing and quoting from is the Annual 2009 page. How nice of the climatologists to have prescient abilities, to be able to see into the future without having to actually look at the data.


  1. I assume they simply used their climate change model to complete the December temperatures for 2009...

  2. Loved your comment. Yeah why should we wait for actual data to proclaim a hot year when we have such wonderful models--temperatures recently in South Texas now--normally a hot place-- have been dipping into the teens and 20s.