Friday, December 18, 2009

Siberia's made up warming

I must credit a friend, Dave Wallace, for finding this. It is fascinating. There is a site where one can go and get temperature data from around the world. The site had been recommended by a global warming advocate with whom I am debating. The site is this one. Dave noticed that the anomaly data given out by this site shows global warming but when one plots the regular temperature, it shows cooling. He was doing it for the stations north of the Arctic Circle. Being the totally untrusting guy that I am (sorry Dave), I had to repeat his experiment to see if it did it for me. It did.

One should be very aware that this is not a government site but they claim to be using government data. I went to the GHCN Temperature Data tab and on the page that comes up I selected Russia (Asia) and the region Siberia. After updating the list, it gave me 88 stations in Asiatic Siberia. I chose all of them and plotted the average temperature. This is the picture.

Now, if one takes the very same stations and plots the anomaly graphs, voila, global warming to the N-th degree, brought to you by the meticulous massaging of the data by your neighborhood climatologists.

See how easy it is to make the globe warm?

Below are the two pictures Dave created. The first is the data shown in temperature, the second is the anomaly plot. It is instant global warming

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