Saturday, December 5, 2009

Does global warming predict early snows?

I love it when observational data disagrees with a good theory. It always means you are going to learn something. Unfortunately for many, learning isn't a goal.

We are, we are told, in the midst of a carbon-dioxide induced global warming period. This warming is going to relentlessly melt everything. Springs come earlier and Falls later, we are told--all from anectodal evidence of butterfly sightings etc.

So, we have been warming for a century; we have 38% more CO2 in the atmosphere than we had a century ago causing the world to warm by almost a degree centigrade, yet we find that ancient cold records are being broken by the bucket load in this year without many sunspots (75% spotless days as of the present time).

Yesterday, as is my usual behavior, I drove to my ranch to work for the day. My son called me about 10:30 to say it was snowing very heavily in Houston and that the roads were predicted to freeze over. I had a dilemma. I needed to work but I also had to be back in Houston by nightfall. I did a few more things and then decided to leave. As I was leaving the ranch, the first flakes of snow were falling. It snowed all the way back from Crockett Texas to Houston. It was the earliest snowfall in Houston's history. This is what it looked like at my house yesterday afternoon. The pine tree in the background is about 150 feet away--almost obscured by the driving snow in this warming word.

Yep, global warming causes early snowfalls. That is the only conclusion one can draw from the rock solid assumption on the part of global warming advocates that the world is most certainly warming. If we can't doubt that global warming is happening, then we must incorporate early snowfalls into the theoretical superstructure and proclaim that warming leads to cooling and early snows.

My son and daughter-in-law sent me pictures from south Houston--about 45 minutes south of where I live. The weather was worse down there.

While the news media avoids any mention of Climate-gate source, they also seem to not be looking out the window this year when 3000 record lows were set in July this summersource., while October was the 3rd coldest on record source and while so few 100+ degree days were felt in the far north of the country.

Now, let's all sit in a circle, hold hands, and chant the Orwellian slogan, "Warming means cooling"

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  1. You're using month by month data here, it has nothing to do with global climate or even broader, global changing climate. Your second to last source says the average global temperature has increased for the last two years. Your last source there from NOAA says "The combined global land and ocean surface temperature anomaly for October 2009...was above the 20th Century average, resulting in the sixth warmest October on record since records began in 1880." What you read was the North American snow cover anomaly.