Sunday, December 13, 2009

Climatological Hot Air and Hypocrisy

I have loved looking at the data contained in the CRU emails. I found this one source which contained the output of the millennium simulations for a couple of models. The email is from Gian-Kasper Plattner and starts like this:

Please find attached the Bern2.5CC model output for the IPCC-AR4
millenium simulations, all spanning the period from 1000 - 1998AD. Some
plots including a preliminary comparison between CLIMBER-2 and Bern2.5CC
results are additionally included (see infos below).

The actual yearly output numbers are in the email. So, I took the column identified as global average and plotted it. What a surprise. The hypocritical hot air coming out of the climatologists that all their models show unprecedented warming is simply not true.

Notice that the temperatures are declining and that we have yet to pass the warmth of the Medieval Warm Period. Yet they squawk continuously that we are about to have global overheat, and the seas will drown all the poor Bangladeshi's.

So, given this internal data for the AR4, what was actually published by these lying climatologists? This is what appeared in the AR4. Does anyone notice anything different between the two graphs? Doubt me? Go graph the data in that email yourself.

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