Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Summer Warming and Airconditioning

I have had a friend who is a believer in anthropogenic global warming tell me that if air conditioners were affecting the temperature record, we should see the summer season be warmer than the winter. I have a slight variation on this. One hundred years ago, we didn't have air conditioners. That gave me the idea to measure the trend of the daily temperatures over the history of some of the southern weather stations, the part of the country which has the most air conditioner fans.

The picture above shows precisely the effect one would expect of airconditioning. Over the past century in Gainesville, Georgia, the daily temperature trend has risen faster in the summer than in the winter--consistent with a thermometer next to an air conditioning coil.

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  1. Oh this is excellent! I had the same thought and tied to dig out historical sales data for HVAC; I only really got as fat as working out that sales really took off in the early 80's after the oil crisis.