Saturday, November 21, 2009

Apparent Data Alteration among the Climatologists

Here is an example of data alteration by the climatologists. Do any of the AGW folk want to defend the cutting out of data that shows cooling? Here is an alleged email from Mick Kelly, a New Zealander to Phil Jones the leader of the Hadley Centre. I will post the various emails in the temporal order. This comes from

> > Hi Phil
> >
> > Just updated my global temperature trend graphic for a
> public talk and
> > noted
> > that the level has really been quite stable since 2000 or
> so and 2008
> > doesn't look too hot.
> >
> > Anticipating the sceptics latching on to this soon, if they
> haven't done
> > already, has anyone had a good look at the large-scale circulation
> > anomalies
> > over this period? I haven't noticed anything consistent
> coming up in the
> > annual climate reviews but then I wasn't really looking.
> >
> > Be awkward if we went through a early 1940s type swing!
> >
> > Hope all's well with you
> >
> > Mick
> >
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> >
> > Mick Kelly
> > PO Box 4260 Kamo
> > Whangarei 0141 New Zealand
> > email:
> > web:
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Phil allegedly replied:

]> -----Original Message-----
> From: []
> Sent: 24 October 2008 20:39
> To: Mick Kelly
> Subject: Re: Global temperature
> Mick,
> They have noticed for years - mostly wrt
> the warm year of 1998. The recent coolish years
> down to La Nina. When I get this question I
> have 1991-2000 and 2001-2007/8 averages to hand.
> Last time I did this they were about 0.2 different,
> which is what you'd expect.
> In Iceland at a meeting that Astrid invited me to.
> Cold with snow on the ground, but things cheap as the
> currency has gone down 30-40% wrt even the pound.
> Cheers
> Phil

to which Mick apparently said he would cut out the downward trending data.

From: Mick Kelly
Subject: RE: Global temperature
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2008 09:02:00 +1300

Yeah, it wasn't so much 1998 and all that that I was concerned about, used
to dealing with that, but the possibility that we might be going through a
longer - 10 year - period of relatively stable temperatures beyond what you
might expect from La Nina etc.

Speculation, but if I see this as a possibility then others might also.
Anyway, I'll maybe cut the last few points off the filtered curve before I
give the talk again as that's trending down as a result of the end effects
and the recent cold-ish years.

Enjoy Iceland and pass on my best wishes to Astrid.


For those who have claimed that there isn't a conspiracy you should go look through these emails as I have. here we have a guy altering the data to make it look warmer, no doubt with the best of intentions.

So, does anyone want to defend what they are doing?


  1. Would anybody please explain why we are told time and again that weather is not climate, and climate is something one can look at only on timescales of 30 years or longer, and yet we have so many esteemed scientists worry about year-on-year (or even, decade-on-decade) variations>

  2. Because they think they get to do as they want and they want you to do as they say.