Monday, October 19, 2009

1880-1930 Hot; 1950-2000 Cold. Extreme Temperature Records

As the world warms, we should expect that we should find more heat records as time goes on and more cold records early on. But this is not what is found. Let's go through the continents.

The hottest temperature in Africa happened at El Azizia, Libya in 1922. It was 136 deg F. Since then we have added about 100 parts per million of CO2 into the atmosphere--1/3 more CO2 than at that time. Yet, neither El Azizia nor any other spot in Africa has exceeded that temperature since. But we are supposed to be warming.

The coldest temperature in Africa didn't happen back when the world was cold. It happened Ifrane, Morocco in 1935 when the world, once again had more CO2 than it had in 1922. The temperature reached an amazing -11 F.

In Antarctica, the warmest temperature happened at Vandia Station in 1974. It was 59 F. In 1974 there was only 330 ppm of CO2. Today we have 385 ppm and that temperature has never been exceeded. Why doesn't CO2 work to warm the land after it gets into the atmosphere?

In Antarctica the coldest temperature happened at Vostok Station when it reached -129 F. This was in July 1983 when the atmosphere had about 342 ppm. More CO2 didn't keep the coldest temperature record on earth from happening.

Asia has the only record where the coldest temperature occurred before the hottest--something consistent with the thesis that the world is warming. All other continents reverse what should be expected.In Asia, the hottest temperature is 129 F at Tirat Tisvi, Israel in June 1942. The coldest record in Asia happened in Oimekon, /Verkhoyansk, Russia 1933 and 1892 respectively. That temperature was -90 F. Other than this, all other warm temperature records occur decades before the cold weather records.

Australia saw its hottest temperature at Cloncurry, Queensland in 1889. The temperature was 128 F. At that time the world had about 280 parts per million CO2 in the atmosphere. But when Australia saw its coldest day -9.4 F at Charlotte Pass in 1994, the world had 355 parts per million, 25% more CO2 than when the warm record was set.

Europe saw its hottest day in 1881 at Seville, Spain when the temperature rose to a blistering 122 F. One would think that there was a lot of CO2 in the atmosphere but in reality it was almost at the pre-industrial levels of 280 ppm. Interestingly after the world added CO2, the coldest day occured at Ust'Shchugor, Russia which reached a bone-chilling -67 F after 1950. That is all I can tell you because the weather records don't have a date. I know it was after 1950 because the temperature record starts in 1950 for Ust'Schchugor, Russia. In any event the coldest temperature occurred decades after the record warmth.

North America is similar. The hottest temperature occurred in July 1913 in Death Valley. The temperature was 134 deg F. In spite of over 100 ppm more of CO2, Death vally has yet to exceed that horrible temperature. One would think that with the increasing CO2 we should not see cold temperature records decades later, but at Snag, Yukon, Canada, the coldest North American temperature reached -84.4 F in 1947.
Yep, global warming at work for you.

Oceania, the area of the Pacific experienced its hottest temperature at Tuguegarao, Philippines when the temperature rose to 129 F in April 1912. But in spite of huge increases in CO2, the temperature has never risen above that old record. The coldest day in Oceania occurred at Mauna Kea Hawaii in 1947 when the temperature reached a low of 12 degrees in 1979.

South America is a bit unique in that the hottest day at Rivadavia, Argentina happened in 2005 when the temperature was 120 F. The coldest day occurred two years later in 2007 when Sarmiento, Argentina recorded a low of -27 F.

As you can see almost all of the cold weather records occur AFTER the hot weather records. This is precisely backwards to what global warming should predict. This is a failed prediction of global warming.


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