Saturday, September 5, 2009

Winters of Discontent in Mississippi

The early 60s were rightfully times of much discontent in Mississippi as the civil rights movement corrected the ills of southern society at that time. But it was also a time when the weather service seriously mismeasured the temperatures. As in my last post, I am looking at Brookhaven City and Monticello MS. These two towns are 20 miles apart and their temperature record, which is used in global warming studies looks like the picture above shows a clear offset of warming towards Brookhaven City being hotter. The average temperature difference between these two towns for these years is 2.1 deg F.

But what is fascinating is the pattern that gives rise to that bias. Every winter, Brookhaven City is warmer, often by more than 10 degrees. There can be only one cause of this, so far as I can tell--it is that the thermometer at Brookhaven City is next to an heat source, a strong heat source. I dont' know what it is but it doesn't have the same effect in the summer as it does in the winter months.

This is being added about 20 minutes after I posted the above. I looked at the years 1960-1966 and the same phenomenon is there. but it isn't always constantly biased in favor of Brookhaven City. Sometimes Monticello is much warmer. Do we have two heaters which are not in sync, not on at the same time affecting the winter temperatures in both towns? Has anyone seen this pattern before?

But many in the global warming community never ever actually look at the raw data but they, merely, like good little girls and boys, sit down and believe the stories they are told. All is well; don't look at the man behind the curtain; beleive, beleive beleive. . .


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  2. Is this a seismograph output? It really looks like one?

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