Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hudson Bay Frozen Longer Than Normal

I had an old friend, a guy I have known for about 30 years, go to Hudson Bay this summer, in late June. He sent me some pictures which he said I could use (with some restrictions). The thing that he said was that Hudson Bay had remained frozen much longer this year than it normally does.

Euroinvestor said:

18-08-2009 - 14:00Summer Sea Ice Good News for Hudson Bay Polar Bears
CHURCHILL, Canada, August 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Scientists have confirmed what a Tundra Buggy(R) business in Churchill is witnessing: that due to colder-than-usual subarctic weather this year, healthier polar bears are being spotted along the west Hudson Bay coast.

"We are going to have a great opportunity this autumn to fulfill our Tundra Buggy Adventure guests' expectations of snow, ice and healthy polar bears," says John Gunter, General Manager of Frontiers North Adventures in Churchill. "The last couple weeks, as polar bears have been making their way from ice to land for the summer, we've seen from our Tundra Buggies numerous big, healthy polar bears in Manitoba Conservation's Churchill Wildlife Management Area, east of Churchill."

"This year there is more ice on average," explains Dr. David Barber, a Canada Research Chair in Arctic System Science and the director of the Centre for Earth Observation Science at the University of Manitoba. "Hudson Bay in particular has seen a very cold winter and essentially a late spring."

Below is a picture of Hudson bay in June.

And from the Canadian Free Press:

Tue Aug 18, 4:26 PM

By Chinta Puxley, The Canadian Press

WINNIPEG - A cold summer in many areas of the country may have meant fewer barbecues and camping trips this year, but lower temperatures have been a boon for the beleaguered Hudson Bay polar bears.

Experts say the summer sea ice has lasted longer than it has in years, which has given the region's more than 1,000 bears extra time to hunt, feed and raise healthy cubs.

Below is another view of Hudson Bay. The Ithaca ran aground in 1961. Today it sits stranded in frozen water along the shore of Hudson Bay.

Those who believe that the Arctic is melting should think about Hudson Bay this year when we have no sunspots. The last time we had no sunspots (1600-1700), Europe froze up. Google the Maunder Minimum.


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  2. Twenty years ago, Hudson Bay typically froze on November 8th.