Monday, September 7, 2009

Chippewa Befuddlement

Anytime one compares the temperature history of two nearby towns, they find absurdities which the climatologists simply don't make clear when they speak to the press. Tonight I am going to talk about Chipipewa Lake and Wooster EXP stations. These two towns, about 30 miles apart should be expected to give the same temperature readings, yet, what we find is that they give radically different temperatures. Indeed, if one puts a 180 day running average on the temperature difference one finds that there is a yearly 3 deg F variation in the temperatures between these two towns.

Unlike what I showed with Brookhaven City and Monticello MS, the peak of the temperature difference is in the Fall in 1944 but in the winter in 1945. Why there is this difference I don't know, but note that the variation in the temperature difference between these two towns is about 3x greater than 100 years worth of global warming.

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