Friday, September 4, 2009

Brookhaven City MS vs. Monticello MS

Here is another example of closely spaced cities which should have very similar temperatures but don't. Brookhaven City, MS and Monticello MS are only 20 miles apart. The first picture is of the 365-day running average of the temperature difference. You can see that in the early 1960s, the temperatures between the two towns was, on average 2.46 deg hotter in Brookhaven City than in Monticello. That is an astounding temperature difference.

The average of 2.46 hides the horrible temperature differences seen at times during the early 1960s. The second picture is of the temperature difference between these two cities.

But, by 1985 things had reversed. Now Monticello was hotter than Brookhaven City for several years. The last picture is from Aug-Sept. 1985.

Clearly the many many examples of this kind of crap in the weather record shows how abysmal climatologists are at actually measuring the temperature. I don't know what they are measuring but it isn't the real temperature.

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