Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We have already had global warming

Back in the Eocene the world warmed tremendously. The Arctic Ocean had no ice in it. Below is a picture which shows what the annual average temperature was during this time frame. Note the extremely warm tempeatures above 60 deg latitude, both North and South.


  1. Where is ANYONE saying that the Earth has NEVER warmed before?!

  2. Martin, if the earth has warmed a lot before, then there is no worry about what the hysteriacs say will happen over the next 100 years. You can relax, stop worrying about global warming and go to the beach to surf.

  3. Ugh...

    Global warming does NOT say: it's going to get warmer than it ever has before in history and destroy the world!

    Global warming DOES say: the current warming, caused by CO2 which can be mitigated, will cause serious problems for modern civilization, such as millions of displacements, food shortages in some places, food surplus in others. I.E., modern civ is fragile enough that slight disruptions can lead to lots of misery in the short term.

    You skeptics and your constant use of the terms "alarmist" and "hysteriacs" lead me to believe you get your climate science from the popular media rather than, oh, I don't know, the science journals themselves.

    "If A leads to B then X will be Y in Z years" becomes "Are We Doomed? More at 11!" in the media.

    I'll make you a deal. If you can find me "hysterical" wording in the peer-reviewed journals, I'll raise my left eyebrow in genuine surprise.