Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Hypocrisy of the Global Warmers

The global warming hysteriacs think we should stop the carbon emissions caused by modern society. They are not only hysteriacs; they are hypocrites. Most of them use the world-wide web and PCs to spread their nonsense around the world. So, why do I say that they are hypocrites? Because of what I read this weekend in New Scientist.

"This time the danger is to the whole planet. Gadgets like phones, and PCs are already using 15 per cent of household power and rising (New Scientist, 23 May, p 17); the web is using 5 percent of the world's entire power and rising." Susan Blackmore, "The Third Replicator," New Scientist, August 1, 2009, p. 39

Amazingly, these hypocrites in Global Warming clothing want all of us to stop driving, to stop having power, and to stop polluting the world. But they hypocritically are also engaged in using 5% of the world's energy.

So, I would suggest to any of you global warming hysteriacs who might read this piece on the web, if you really want to help, sell your PC and get off the web. Don't talk to me about saving the world until you sacrifice yourself. If you read this, and are a global warming scare-monger, and don't do what I say, you are an utter hypocrite. Coal with its huge quantity of CO2 when it is burned, manufactures 42% of world wide electricity. You, my global warming nutter, are contributing to the 'destruction' of the planet merely by reading this.

I might start a slogan to address this: Save the planet: GET OFF THE WEB!

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  1. Let's see. Susan Blackmore writes a comment about energy use, which appears to be factual. On the basis of her comment, you tar all the IPCC and other climate scientists as "hypocrites."

    There is a disconnect here.