Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hot Times in Okemah, Oklahoma

I just love comparing the temperature records of two cities a few miles apart. It shows what a shambles the US Historical Climate Network is in. This is the network that the climatologists use to tell what has happened over the past 100 years. It is the network that they use to scare us all (after suitable editing of the data). The data is crapola as the hot times in Okemah show us.

Okemah is 867 ft above sea level; Okmulgee is 720 ft above sea level. That should mean that Okmulgee would be a wee bit hotter than Okemah. But, Okemah has hot times, almost all the time.

Below is the 365 day running average of Okemah's temperature minus Okmulgee's temperature. As you can see most of the time Okemah was hotter than Okmulgee (contrary to adiabatic cooling) through most of the 1950s, 60's and 70's. Then in the mid 1980s, Okemah got very very very hot.

For some reason (probably bad temperature measurments, or placement of the thermometer) Okemah became a hot place in the mid 1980s. Anthony Watts' sitehere shows that the thermometer is about 3 feet from a hot driveway and is also a school bus staging area. If one wanted to get a worse measurement of the temperature one could hardly do better than what the US weather service has done here.

Let's look at a close up of the temperature from 1986 to 2002. It shows that Okemah was as much as 10 degrees hotter than Okmulgee, just 23 miles away.

The 365-day running average gets as much as 5 degrees hotter for Okemah than for Okmulgee. Government accuracy at its best (and we want to give our health care over to the idiots who can't measure the temperature properly).

Let's zoom in further to see May 1997 to October 1997. One can clearly see that Okemah is almost always hotter than Okmulgee. And the amount of difference is so large that no one can beleive it--or at least no one SHOULD believe it.

This governmental incompetence is not exclusive to the US government. It is found all over the world. And then we believe these guys who then tell us that the world is warming--yeah right. They can't measure the temperature correctly and they want to tell us that we must all stop driving. When they measure the temperature correctly, I might listen.

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