Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Can we trust them to tell us what to do?

I ran into an interesting an article in Science News this weekend.

"Biofuels are liquid energ Version 2.0. Unlike their fossil fuel counterparts--the cadaverous remains of plants that died hundreds of millions of years ago--biofuels come from vegetation grown in the here and now. So they should offer a carbon-neutral energy source: Plants that become biofuels ideally consume more carbon dioxide during photosynthesis than they emit when processed and burned for power. Biofules make fossil fuels seem so last century, so quaintly carboniferous."

"And these new liquid fuels plromise more than just carbon correctness. They offer a renewable, home-grown energy source, reducing the need for foreign oil. They present ways to heal an agricultural landscape hobbled by intensive fertilizer use. Biofuels could even help clean waterways, reduce air pollution, enhance wildlife habitats and increase biodiversity."
Rachael Ehrenberg, The Biofuel Future," Science News, August 1, 2009, p. 25

Then I ran across the following note in New Scientist:
"Manipulating the Earth's climate to stop global warming has been given a stamp of scientific approval. In a carefully worded position paper seen by New Scientist, the American Meteorological Society endorses research into this approach. it is the first major scientific body to do so." "Re-engineering Earth," New Scientist July 25, 2009, p. 7

Well, now we are going to play God with the climate. As I turned the page in New Scientist, I was thinking about the biofuels and playing God when my eye spotted an article about biofuels killing off the orangutans. It seems that in order to make biofuels, millions of acres in Indonesia have been cleared to do the green thing of making biofuels and have been thus, pushing the Orang species into its heavenly reward. This unintended consequence struck me as interesting in light of the fact that we are about to engage the world in geoengineering by somehow reflecting sunlight off the earth in order to cool it. These green, arrogant nannies think that they know what the world needs, that we need biofuels to "heal an agricultural landscape", so what happens? We make more agricultural landscape in need of healing and we endanger the orangutan at the orders of the Greens who can't seem to think in terms of "if this; then that", meaning "If we go biofuels, we will need to chop down huge areas of forests to grow the energy". The Greens are so utterly illogical as to be unable and incapable of seeing merely one step ahead. And now they want to play God on the earth--God save us from their help.

Then, I saw another item in another New Scientist.

". . .last week the Chinese firm ZTE Agribusiness announced plans to create a 1-million-hectare plantation in the country that could yield 5 million tonnes of oil, mostely for biofuel. The move comes amid concerns over the detrimental environmental effects of plantations, particularly the loss of wildlife habitat." "Palm Oil Bonanza," New Scientist July 18, 2009, p6-7

After threatening the Orangutans in Borneo, the Greens are now busy trying to kill off the Chimpanzees, yet they always claim to be a friend of both the orang and the chimps. Once again, God save us from friends like these.

Now, why do I worry so much about the geoengineering? The Greens are still not thinking interms of "If this, then that". Two articles in the past 3 years have captured a big danger. When the sun ceases making sunspots, it gives off less energy making the earth cool down. We are now 3 years late for the start of sunspot cycle 24. As I write this we are 32 days without a sunspot and the past 4 years have seen more than 600 spotless days. July 2009 was 0.8 degrees colder than the 20th century average temperature. 3000 record low temperatures were made in the US in July. here

But this isn't just limited to the US. I have looked at the Antarctican Peninsular temperatures and they are below average. And New Zealand is having a cold winter


As well as other areas.

But, of course, the AGW true beleivers will continue to believe that the world is warming, even as it cools. And if these control freaks actually do geoengineer the world to cool down just as the world goes into a natural cooling cycle, they will freeze us all and make our crops fail.


  1. Want some bad news?

    As always, the Military has the final say.
    Tell it to the Marines

  2. Well, it is interesting. My take is that the military is doing the bidding of a very global warming believing administration.