Sunday, July 5, 2009

Russia--No warming seen in the Degree-Days Pt 3

This will be the last on Russia for a while. It isn't that I have run out of arctic stations it is just that I want to look at other countries. Hagiograph was the one who questioned me on the rise in Arctic stations. I have shown that there is not this great warming in the Russian data and I have shown one US station, Barrow Alaska. As stated in the previous blog post, I was looking for Russian data that went beyond 1990. I found a few stations. I think I know why so many Russian stations stop in 1990. That was the collapse of the Soviet Union and people were not paid to record temperatures for about 10 years. Most of the few stations I have that go up until 2008 have gaps in them during the 1990s. I will show some of the more recent Russian data now.

Let's first look at the longest Russian weather record I can find, Arhangel'sk.

The Arhangel'sk temperature record shows a step function between 1900 and 1930, when clearly the instrumentation changed. Since 1930, the number of degree-days has been declining at the rate of -.66 degree-days per year. This means Arhangel'sk has been cooling. The temperature here is certainly not behaving as the global warming people claim.

Note the drop in 2008. Lots of Russian stations cooled that year, not all, but lots of them.

Let's look at Murmansk. It doesn't show any warming trend since 1910. Note again the drop in temperature in 2008, which is consistent with a drop in the number of sunspots.

Generally, Murmansk is flat.

In far eastern Russia, at Anadyr, a town I have flown over, the temperature record is spotty but shows no warming

While the record is short, the Russian weather station GMO IM.ET at 80 deg North latitude shows no sign of warming either.

From 1957 to the present, the time of the most global warming, the number of degree-days at 80 deg N. latitude doesn't seem to be warming.

Mysslaurova, Russia also shows no warming, up to the end of its recording history

Finally, even Ostrov Kotel' shows cooling even to the present time. Where oh where has that global warming gone?

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