Thursday, July 2, 2009

Russia--No warming seen in the Degree-Days Pt 2

This is more data to show that the arctic has not warmed over the past century as the global warming hysteriacs claim. As stated in the previous blog post, the data available at this site stops at 1990. If anyone knows where I can get Russian monthly data for the subsequent time period, I would love to get it. I want the raw data, not the 'corrected' data which is specifically corrected to show global warming.

Back to the Russian data. Where did we leave off. Oh, yeah, Olenek, Russia, one of the few that actually shows warming. Here is the number of degree days for Olenek, Russia. I put it here at the first so I can't be charged with burying it deep in a post. All the stations past this one in this post show no signs of behaving as the global warming hysteriacs claim.

There is a step-function jump in the temperature about 1980, but then over the next 10 years, it cooled until the record ends.

Tura, Russia is basically flat over the past century with a tiny bit of cooling.

Essej, Russia is flat until the spike in 1985 then the temperature plummets to a record low. The drop at the end in 1989 is real. There is no missing data causing it.

Jakusk, Russia shows flat except for a step-function change when probably the station location changed in 1938. Since 1938 it has been gradually cooling. No evidence of the rapid increase in CO2 here.

Viljusjsk, Russia shows merely cooling since the early part of the 20th century. Where is the global warming?

Zhirgansk shows little but cooling over the past century. All these stations are in Siberia, which is supposed to be warming, yet only a few stations show warming.

How can we trust people who tell us that the globe is warming when the data they say shows the warming shows precisely the opposite??? God spare us from those who want to scare us into giving them grant money.

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