Thursday, July 16, 2009

Another China Station

This was written July 13 for posting later. It is being posted July 22.

The anthropological-global-warming-beliving, Holocene-deniers act as if the data in other parts of the world is as good as data here in the US. I have documented multiple times below that the data here in the US is really lousy. But in China, it is even worse. Below is a couple of weather records from near Wuhan, China. This is not a mountainous part of China. You can clearly see that these two stations, 45 miles apart hardly correlate at all.

Below is the difference between these two stations. When US citizens look at this, realize that you are looking at degrees Centigrade. Centigrade degrees are approximately twice as big as Fahrenheit degrees. So, that 8 degree difference you see is really a 15 deg Fahrenheit difference

One would think that if the thermometers were measuring climate that they would actually go up and down somewhat together over a very short distance. Unfortunately in China or in the US, they don't.

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