Sunday, July 26, 2009

3000 record lows in July

I thought it would be good to recognize that there have been 3000 record low temperatures for July 2009 so far.


As I have noted thousands of times over the past year and a half that I have been looking into this data, mostly on another list that the dearth of sunspots causes the sun to output less energy. That, in turn, cools the earth. I have been told, by many that the authoritative IPCC says that solar variations have nothing to do with the warming or with the cooling because its impact is far too small to make any difference. The problem is, these guys are not looking out their windows to see what the dearth of sunspots is actually doing to the weather! Guys, look outside rather than at those 'authoritative' IPCC pdfs.

One final thing, some of the more radical global warming hysteriacs have tried to say that global warming itself is causing the cooling. What Orwellian group think that is. Anyway, couldn't pass this one up.

Oh yeah, there are no sunspots again today. So far more than 50% of July's days have been spotless. This is not normal behavior for the sun, not that the true believers in the God of global warming will pay any attention to that. In fact, they might think that global warming might be stopping the sunspot cycle!

I also looked up the total number of spotless days this year--157, or 76% of all days have had no sunspots in 2009. Normally by this time in the cycle, the sunspot number should be around 100. As it is we hover around zero.

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