Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Russia--No warming seen in the Degree-Days

This will be the first of a several part post showing that there has been no warming in Russia. The data comes from the site here. Unfortunately, the data ends in 1990, but, given that the CO2 level over the past century has gone up significantly, we should see warming even if only at the end of this data. But we don't. Only 3 cities in Siberian Russia show warming. Degree-days above zero C is merely the multipilication of the average monthly temperature by the number of days in the month. If there were more months above zero, or higher temperatures, this way of looking at the data should respond quickly to any warming.

Now before going to look at Russia, we will look at Barrow Alaska, because Hagiograph said that the rest of the arctic showed warming. It doesn't. Barrow, Alaska shows cooling, contrary to Hagiographs claim.

Can anyone actually SEE warming in this chart of degree-days?

Now to Suntar, Russia.

This looks pretty flat, with maybe a tiny tiny amount of warming since 1914. Nothing dramatic at all.

Here is Hatanga, Russia

No warming there. In 2008 it cooled dramatically

What about Vanavara Russia? It is flat to possibly having a tiny tiny amoung of cooling.

Here is Bajkit, Russia, No warming here

Indeed, cooling seems to be the rule here.

Here is one station that is warming Erbogancen, Russia. But almost all the warming seems to have occurred around 1970. This is a two-level record. One wonders if there was a change in the station location around 1970.

The final for tonight and this part, lets look at Selagoncy, Russia. It is clearly cooling.

So, where is this warming that everyone is talking about? Maybe it is warming that doesn't actually make thermometers rise? Maybe it is phantom warming. Maybe it is merely political warming!

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