Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Perry Oklahoma's Cold Cold, Two Months

More data from Dave's preferred site. Dave, as you recall said I shouldn't be using's data, as it was somehow fraudulent. He preferred I use this site. So, I am doing that to please Dave, as I really want to please him. It is, after all, a major goal in my life.

So, tonight lets look at Perry Oklahoma and the two months it spent in the refrigerator. Dave thinks this data is good, but of course, I know better because, unlike him, I have actually spent time comparing station data not only on the yearly basis, but on the monthly and daily basis. Dave prefers daily data so fine, here, from his preferred site which he thinks supports global warming is another lunacy from the raw data base.

Stillwater, Enid and Guthrie have about the same temperature But Perry, about 15 miles from Stillwater, 30 from Enid and Guthrie, was 10 to 25 deg F colder than the other 3 cities, if we are to beleive the temperature record. When one subtracts Enid from Perry, Perry is 10 to 15 deg F colder. The same result happens if you subtract Stillwater from Perry's temperature profile and Guthrie from Perry. This means that if we believe the temperature record, for two months Perry, Oklahoma was 10-25 deg F colder, living in a layer of cold air not experienced by any of the cities surrounding it. That should have caused a 2 month long thunderstorm and winds blowing INTO Perry, but of course, there is no record of that. The raw data is crap and this is the crap upon which we base our belief in global warming. Dave who thinks this is good data, has never actually bothered to examine the data he believes supports his viewpoint. What he doesn't know is that the big secret of the USHCN is how statistically bad the data is.

The red line in the picture is the global warming over the past 100 years but the raw data has as much as 25 degrees F of error. Anyone who deals with signal to noise issues will clearly see that there is no way such a small signal can be brought out of the noise of this partly raw dataset.

I will continue the analysis of Dave's favorite spot for climatological information, but I think tomorrow I must post on the homogeneity filter to satisfy hagiograph. Ok Hagiograh, do you think there is 25 deg difference between Perry and the 3 nearest towns which lasted for 2 months?

I would point out that I grew up in a small town just SW of Stillwater and have been to all the towns in this post. There are no mountains that could explain the 25 deg F difference in temperature. All the towns are on the flat Oklahoma prairie.

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