Friday, April 10, 2009

Consensus and the Sunspots

I have commented on the lack of sunspots before. Last night I compiled a plot of spotless days from 1818 to the present. The chart is up to date as of yesterday, April 9, 2009. Note that the number of spotless days in this solar minimum is now only days away from being the 5th lowest of all the cycles. It is only about a month or so away from being the 4th most inactive period. Clearly this period is an anomaly.

I ran a 2 year running sum of the monthly number of spotless days. That is the chart below.

So, what does this mean? An article online says it well, the sun outputs less energy when there are no sunspots.

"And less energy means a cooler planet.

"There were very few sunspots in 2008 and by all measures, 2008 was a cold year," said Dr. Soon. And that link between temperatures on Earth and sunspot activity can be picked out many times from past history.

"For example, from 1645 to 1715 there were no sunspots and it was a very, very cold period for our planet. Most call it the "Little Ice Age," said Dr. Soon. "Based on my research, I tend to be in support of a very, very strong role by the Sun's energy input as a climate driver. If you were to ask me about the role of CO2, I would say its very, very small," he added."
Mish Michaels, Curious Why the Sun has Been So Dim Lately," Source

It seems that there isn't so much of a consensus as we are told about the evils of CO2.

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