Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Alpine Angst

The hysterical Holocene denying global warming advocates are all worried about the melting of the glaciers in the Alps.

"Glaciers are quickly disappearing from the Alps and will be all but gone by 2050, a climate expert said Monday. That's 50 years earlier than a July 2006 study predicted."
John Roach, "Alps Glaciers Gone by 2050, Expert Says," National Geographic News," January 23, 2007Source

And of course, they all blame global warming, the modern devil, who does everything evil on earth.

"Global warming fueled by greenhouse gas emissions appears to be the main cause of the melting glaciers, according to the University of Innsbruck's Psenner (see our global warming fast facts)."John Roach, "Alps Glaciers Gone by 2050, Expert Says," National Geographic News," January 23, 2007

But, these Holocene deniers are too unstudied to know that there have been 8 times in the past 10,000 years, when the glaciers in the Alps were smaller than they are today.

"Glacially deformed pieces of wood, organic lake sediments and clasts of reworked peat have been collected in front of Alpine glaciers since AD 1990. The palaeoglaciological interpretation of these organic materials is related to earlier phases of glacier recession surpassing that of today's shrunken glaciers and to tree growth and peat accumulation in the valleys now occupied by the glaciers. Glacial transport of the material is indicated by wood anatomy, incorporated silt, sand and gravel particles, missing bark and deformed treerings. A total of 65 samples have been radiocarbon dated so far, and clusters of dates provide evidence of eight phases of glacier recession: 9910-9550, 9010-7980, 7250-6500, 6170-5950, 5290-3870, 3640-3360, 2740-2620 and 1530-1170 calibrated years BP. Allowing for the timelag between climatic fluctuations, glacier response and vegetation colonization, these recession phases may lag behind climatic changes by 100-200 years."
Anne Hormes, Benjamin U. Mueller, and Christian Schluechter "The Alps with little ice; evidence for eight Holocene phases of reduced glacier extent in the Central Swiss Alps" The Holocene (2001), 11(3):255-265

If the glaciers have been more melted eight times in the past, long before there were any CO2 spewing automobiles, what is the big deal about global warming?

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